25 Couples On The Weird Things They Do Together When No One’s Looking

Thought Catalog

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Found on AskReddit.

1. “We’re both British, but for years we’ve talked with American accents when we’re alone. It’s very bizarre and I don’t really know how it started, but it’s now pretty much the only way we talk to each other. Weird habit.”

beetlejuice2. “We put on oversized sweatpants, pull them up to our shoulders, and proceed to chase each other around the house.”

beetlejuice3. “My boyfriend pretends to be paralyzed and makes me dress him. Apparently it’s training for when, not if, he becomes a quadriplegic.”

beetlejuice4. “She likes to hold my wang while I pee. It fascinates her.”

beetlejuice5. “If her tits are out, sometimes I’ll walk over and put my eye on her nipple and pretend it’s a monocle and talk like the Monopoly man.”

beetlejuice6. “We ad-lib interactions between two stereotypical Midwestern middle-aged single women, one of which whom is always named…

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