7 Reasons We Need To Stop Leaving Relationships Early Because We’re Not Sure Someone Is “The One”

Thought Catalog

via Kaitlyn Mae via Kaitlyn Mae

The concept of ‘the one’ is not rooted in love, it is rooted in a desire, much like most of everything else we do, to be saved from ourselves. The idea that there is a perfect love that will induce the happiest life is a deflection and defense mechanism and it will keep us from ever actually finding it. Trying to determine whether or not someone is ‘the one’ – especially early on in a relationship – is the best way to assure nobody ever will be. Here, 7 reasons why.

1. The relationships we can’t get over are the ones we never really have in the first place.

People think that the love they can’t get past is the fated love they lost, but it’s really the love they feel, in some way, they never totally had. They didn’t try for, gave up on, decided they didn’t…

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