7 Times Being The Quiet Friend Actually Has Its Perks

Thought Catalog


People find it easier to approach you than others.

While quiet people can sometimes be mistaken for being aloof or unhappy their quiet nature actually makes them more approachable than others because they appear less intimidating.

People are more likely to feel comfortable around you than a dominant personality and will have an easier time expressing themselves and their ideas in your presence. This has its benefits in a variety of settings – at work, at parties, in stressful situations. People pick up on the vibe that you’re more likely to be thoughtful and considerate in your response and interactions.

People want to know more about you.

Even though it can feel like loud, extroverted people get all the attention you’re likely to be seen as more intriguing than the rest. There might be someone at the party telling stories and entertaining everyone but when you’re the quiet friend…

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