8 Reasons Wine And Writing Go Together

Thought Catalog


You know how you always see people on TV or in the movies sipping a glass of wine as that lightning strike of creativity hits them and they start typing away on their laptops? Well, maybe you don’t always see that. But it had to be in at least a couple of movies. Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered why writing and wine seem to go so well together, read on…

1. Somewhere between sober and drunk lies genius

While your drunk ramblings may be entertaining in their own way, they probably won’t win you any awards. However, somewhere past sober, on the road to drunk, but not quite there, you will likely find your sweet spot. This is where the truth lies. When you are just buzzed enough to be honest, your story will basically tell itself.

2. The gift of time

Your creative juices haven’t stopped flowing because there’s nothing left. It’s…

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