The Most Important Things We Learn About Love, We Learn From Our Parents

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My parents got married when they were twenty-three; my mum had only been twenty-three for four days. In a few weeks, they will celebrate being married for thirty-four years. They have been together longer than they have not been together, and I sometimes wonder what knowing that, means to them. As their children, my siblings and I are a “product” of their union, if you will; living beings that represent their love. A love that began in their twenties that has carried them through to a life in their fifties. And God-willing will do so, for the rest of a very long time.

As there are children of divorce, there are children of “parents who stayed together.” And being of the latter, I often think our experiences and observations on life and love differ from our friends who come from divorced homes. Of course every child’s observation of their…

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