What’s Wrong With Saying That Eugenie Bouchard Is Hot?

Thought Catalog

katatonia82 / (Shutterstock.com) katatonia82 / (Shutterstock.com)

After Eugenie Bouchard took the tennis world by storm, the online world quickly followed with a plethora of articles that detailed both her tennis game and her striking good looks. I just read an article that condemned journalists for calling her Canada’s tennis sweetheart. While I agree that “sweetheart” is a misplaced adjective to describe someone who has shown NO mercy while competing and is therefore not a sweet thing, I see no reason why making mention of her good looks has caused such an uproar. There is nothing wrong with taking note of the fact that she has kick-ass tennis skills and is gorgeous.

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I can already feel the feminist backlash yelling that she should be judged by her accomplishments, her competitiveness, and her dominance on the court and not for her looks. It’s patronizing and misogynistic. It demeans her ability because…

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