How It Feels To Have A Panic Attack

Thought Catalog


Everything feels normal, but then—slightly off.

Colors are more vivid, bright somehow brighter, contrast more definitely so.

You almost don’t notice, but once you do you become completely enveloped in the sensation.

It starts with a disturbing awareness of every movement: the casual nod of your head as you walk, the speck of dirt that floats across your eye as your contact lens readjusts to every blink. Your heart pulses and you feel the blood rushing through your limbs. Muscles sporadically tense and relax. Your right hand shakes, your left is still. The wind picks up and you notice it rustle your eyelashes and slink through lips. Every sensation is magnified and you feel it all at once. You begin to question the tenseness in your jaw, the way your tongue rests behind your teeth, the oddity in how your head balances on your neck. Your skin is electric…

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