3 Simple Homemade Sauces To Improve Your Cooking Game

Thought Catalog

Some (OK, most) of us will never have the time or energy to make fresh pasta, chocolate ganache, or cocktails with our own lemon-thyme infused vodka for that fancy dinner we’re planning. But even with a tight schedule and a tighter budget there are a few quick things we can put in our cooking arsenal to impress guests or just to help ourselves eat a little better when cooking for one. Here are three easy sauces that will help you win at dinner forever.

1. Tomato Sauce shutterstock_150980468

Being able to make a good tomato sauce at home is an indication that you’re on your way to Real Adulthood, and it’s worth every minute of the time it takes to make it. Whether it’s a simple marinara or a more hearty meat sauce, making your own is easy and relatively cheap; your pasta (and guests) will thank you. My go-to recipe…

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