The Thing That Bonds Us Most Is Pain

Thought Catalog

Thomas LeuthardThomas Leuthard

This is what I know.

It was late in that hazy hour when Saturday turns very definitely into early, early Sunday, and our night had all of the trappings of lives that were happy and carefree and invincible and very much right in the moment. That night, we ordered wine by the bottle and shared them between friends and strangers alike because at parties when you are young, everyone becomes friends. That night, we trooped from the first bar to the next one, ordered pizza and shared it with the bartender, kicked back shots like water, and giggled over confessionals, our tongues loose and eager. That night, we ran from the bar to the subway station, trying not to slip on the ice, because running will make you warm in the bitter cold, just a little, and we stood on the subway and reminisced about how wonderful lifeā€¦

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