Do You Care About Someone In Pain? Then Read This

Thought Catalog

Suicide. People need to talk about it and be aware of it, instead of making it something taboo and shameful. People commit suicide. It happens every day. It shocks and devastates people. Every. Single. Day. It can happen to someone in your life: your neighbor, your high school sweetheart, your co-worker, your best friend, your parent, your spouse, YOU. It’s very real. Every single person on this planet who cares about any single human being needs to be aware of suicide.

Knowing the signs can save a life.

Has the thought ever crossed your head? Even for a fleeting second? Then get help. Start somewhere. Start with your best friend, your teacher, your aunt. Thinking about killing yourself is not natural or normal. Not even for a second. If the idea of suicide passes through your mind then you need to acknowledge it. Why? Because you never know when…

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