What They Don’t Tell You About College Romance

Thought Catalog


If you were the kid who wasn’t much of a looker in high school — congratulations. You’ve now reached the land where simply having that one unique chromosome means someone will give you attention. In high school, this attention it was a hybrid of both kinds — you had someone who thought you were decently good-looking and might do well in the sack (or at least, in the future in the sack), and they would be nice-ish and perhaps even sweet to you depending on on what occasion they weren’t playing games. The angst was more real, but the feelings weren’t necessarily.

But in college, relationships do not often come with the connotation of ‘settling’. So when one does come along… it’s real. That’s what they don’t tell you about college romance.

On many occasions in college, you’ll run into people who think you’re attractive. At parties, the lights…

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