How Girls Really Are: Fantasy Vs. Reality

Thought Catalog

I live alone. Correction: I’m a lady who lives alone. Because of these facts, I do some pretty weird things since no one is around to judge me except for my mirrors and own ego. For example, I sing. I dance. I talk to myself quite a bit. And sunday morning, while dancing, I tripped so hard it turned into a running trip and i almost face-planted into my patio door. I was cracking up… alone.

Something I also do a lot of the time is not wear pants. Pants suck. They’re so awful. I so rarely wear pants around my place that one time I didn’t even notice until halfway through baking cookies that I was in a thong and shirt only. Baking with my butt out – because that’s how REAL sluts do it. Oh, you want some cookies? Well, how about some cookies with ASS? Yeah baby!

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