I Don’t Really Know You

Thought Catalog

I don’t really know you, but I want to.

Yes, we’ve been included in many of the same social outings and we’ve had our own conversations. I know your name and that you have two sisters. I know that though you look predominately Italian, you are actually a mix of many nationalities. I know you are Catholic by default and not practicing. I know that you are funny and that you are kind, but I don’t know why you are these things. I don’t know what has shaped you, but I want to.

We’ve flirted while getting buzzed off of local (and delicious) craft beers, but you don’t really know me.  You know my name and that I am obsessed with my family. You know that I am nearly ten years younger than you and I think you know that makes me a little uneasy. You know that I am…

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