Smartphones Are Ruining The Way We Remember

Thought Catalog

Click. Snap. Post. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr.

We’ve become so used to having cameras at our fingertips. One camera on our phones, another on the tablet and computer, probably a compact camera in the bag and a DSLR for special occasions. Capturing images of life and everything that happens has never been easier. The ease at which I can take a picture of something nowadays means that I have folders and folders filled to the brim with pictures (multiple copies usual), some of which I end up never looking at a second time once it’s been put in its place.

In this age, every moment of life is captured. Every person you meet, everything you’ve done is catalogued, documented and filed away somewhere. A lifetime of memories stored away in 1s and 0s. It’s just waiting for the day when you go, “Oh yeah, I have a picture of him…

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