30 Random Reasons I Knew You Were The One

Thought Catalog

1. Our pet names for one another have distinctly derogatory connotations. We appear to be almost constantly insulting each other. No one quite understands.

2. Early in our relationship, childless weekends were often spent in separate rooms playing separate video games with the occasional wave, jibe at poor playing skills, and the exchanging of snacks via a quick toss between game loads.

3. Our first date was a lunch date, which I informed you –according to Just Friends- was instant friend zone status. You basically held me hostage until dinner time where you forced me to eat fancy Italian food and drink the best wine I have ever had. At least you let me beat you in Call of Duty in the mean time.

4. You pretend to care about Lord of the Rings so I can occasionally (okay often) recite my vast, useless knowledge concerning the topic, with truly…

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