10 Common Phrases That I Have Translated For Your Convenience

Thought Catalog

Words can be hurtful. Which is why we use other words to soften the blow or at least provide plausible deniability. Here is a handy dandy translation guide for some commonly used verbal crutches.


Phrase: “To be perfectly honest…”
Translation: “Listen up, bitch. I’m about to lay a truth bomb on ya!”


Phrase: “I don’t mind, but…”
Translation: “I mind. A lot.”


Phrase: “With all due respect…”
Translation: “What you just said was dumb and/or wrong.”


Phrase: “My understanding is…”
Translation: “I’m not confident that the next words out of my mouth are correct.”


Phrase: “Are you sure that…”
Translation: “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.”


Phrase: “Be that as it may…”
Translation: “I don’t give a flying fuck.”


Phrase: “No offense, but…”
Translation: “We’re all thinking it. I’m just saying it.”


Phrase: “Could you please…”
Translation: “Do this. Now.”


Phrase: “I…

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