Why Do Women Often Apologize About The Way They Look? A Makeup Artist Explains.

Thought Catalog

Every time I look in the mirror I feel ugly. Why is my face is so puffy today? Ugh, not another grey hair. The beauty industry is built on selling us ideals of im/perfection. Your face has too much acne, but this product will cure it. Such-and-such magical cream will make you look fully airbrushed 24 hours a day. We are never perfect, but with a little beauty boost we can get there. At one level it’s pure business because the only surefire way to get us to purchase beauty products, from lotions and creams to masques and makeup, is to convince us that there’s something innately wrong with our bodies and that these products are the only thing that can salvage us.

In this fascinating TED talk, makeup artist Eva DeVirgilis talks about how women from various ages, backgrounds and ethnicities sit down in her chair everyday, but what’s…

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