To The Boy That Left In The Morning

Thought Catalog

He sleeps differently than the rest. He doesn’t push me away. I wonder if his arms are tired so I slowly try to pull myself away but he resists even in his sleeping stupor. He mumbles a raspy stay, so I give in to the warmth of his arms.

We stay like this for a little longer but we can’t do it for long. There’s meetings to attend to, emails to answer, assignments to begin. There’s people to see and things to do. I wonder who his people are, what his day has planned. From the little he has told me to date, I try to decipher what his agenda would look like. I try to figure him out from the sporadic nature that is our interactions. While my mind is lost in thought, his eyes slowly open to match my gaze. He blinks a few times and says nothing…

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