27 People Reveal The Most Ridiculously Crazy Things They’ve Said At Their Job Interviews

Thought Catalog

I really can’t believe people got hired by saying these things, just like Adam Sandler going home with Heather Graham in Anger Management after he utters the ridiculous “explosion in my pants” line. Check out more of the awesome Quora thread here.

1. Richard Waddington

I had been with the same company for over a decade and decided it was time to move on, so this was my first job interview in a very long time. I was more than a little stressed out about it… Suit? Cleaned and pressed. Tie? Tied and straight. Shoes shined. Socks match. Ok, time to go.

As I’m heading out the door, my daughter (who was about 4 at the time) rushed up and said “Daddy, take this for good luck!” and handed me a little plastic cow from a barnyard play set. I gave her a big hug, and rushed off, hoping…

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