10 Reasons Why Sisters Make The Best Friends

Thought Catalog

  • Understanding precisely how crazy and what kind of crazy your parents are is one way you know someone is a best friend. Lesser friends might know the basic facts of your family’s particular kind of insanity, but your sister was there. She lived that shit. You’re basically war buddies, and ask any war buddies – you don’t get tighter than war buddies.
  • You can joke like little kids. It’s not that you are incapable of getting into massive giggle fits with your other friends, but no one laughs with quite the degree of “no, I actually can’t stop and can’t breath” abandon that kids do. Even as adults, there will be moments with your sister when you start re-enacting a scene from Ren & Stimpy in the middle of a bar and lose your shit in a way no other friendship can produce.
  • Even with your closest non-related pals…

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