We Are Connected To All The People We Will Ever Meet

Thought Catalog

I remember hearing on the radio once about this ancient Chinese belief that every person is connected to everyone they will ever meet, anyone that will ever be important to them, by invisible red threads. The belief says that the threads may stretch or tangle, but they will never break.

I was instantly captivated, not only by the paradox of its simultaneous powerful tangibility and impossible intangibility, but of the staggering way it hit me when I heard it, like I suddenly could sense all these tiny red strings winding out around me into the world. The red thread doesn’t just refer to the person we marry, or our own children, but to every person we meet in our life, to the people whose lives bump into ours, mix with ours, become part of ours. The red threads don’t wind their way around our ankles as we walk, don’t catch…

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