No One Was Interesting Because Everyone Was The Same, Until I Met You.

Thought Catalog

I used to think people were glamorous. I used to notice their silver brooches, woolen pea coats, and the tiny moles above their lips. I’d think about what they had for breakfast, how big their bedroom was, and what they might smell like after they step out of the shower. It was silly, really. Thinking about people. About their habits and their hobbies, what they loved and where they lived. It didn’t really matter, and it took me a long time to realize that a lot of people don’t celebrate Christmas or sleep in bedrooms. A lot of people don’t even bathe.

For a long time I thought it was the writer in me, I thought people fascinated me because I was searching for a story. Or maybe it was because I wanted to find the good ones. I wanted to find the people I could relate to. The ones…

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