7 Liberating Natural Highs That Everyone Should Experience

Thought Catalog

The most liberating feeling to experience as human is letting go to the point of ecstasy. This is why drug addicts get hooked, why we drink alcohol to loosen up, meditate, travel etc. Anything we love to the point to get consumed in- watching tv, etc- is a way to get out of our own mind and into something else. Face it, we as humans need a break from thinking sometime

As I’ve been getting into holistic healing I’ve been using all natural resources to meet my basic needs. I thought about the ‘highs’ I’ve experienced in my life from the silliest natural activities. These are endorphin overloads, similar to what people experience on man made drugs. Here’s my list, and I wish these experiences on all.


1. Sky Diving

Holy shit. I actually did it. I jumped OUT of a fucking plane 3 miles in the air. And…

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