10 Classical Film Scores You Should Listen To Right Now

Thought Catalog

I’ve recently read many articles mourning the decline of classical music in today’s society. Classical composers just don’t seem to be as highly regarded as they once were, and have lost much of their prestige among our generation (their careers are often highly competitive and, on average, very low-paying). Many question whether we’ll ever be able to truly revive the passion held by symphony-goers in years past, but I don’t think it ever actually died. I think it went to the movies. I have a theory that the Mozarts and Beethovens of our time are our film composers. These musicians posses the hefty responsibility of making an entertaining, cohesive accompaniment that blends, enhances, and accentuates the scenes of a film. At the same time, they are also creating scores that stand alone as masterful pieces of music. If you’re new to movie music, here are a few recent scores I…

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