Why I Will Date Men, Not Boys

Thought Catalog

I want a man. I’m so tired of dating boys.

A man knows what he wants, a man takes care of himself. A man knows where he is going in life, a man is not afraid of commitment, boys are. A man will actually take you out on a date without mentioning mid-way “oh we are just like hanging out”

A man won’t make lame excuses for not showing up on a date like , “Oh sorry my momma is not giving me permission.”

You don’t need to look for dark alleys that smell like piss and fire exits to make out with a man. You can conveniently go back to his place. You also wont have to make an undignified exit from the back door because his parents decided to come back early.

A man isn’t afraid to tell you how he feels about you. He isn’t afraid to…

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