Why You Should Fall In Love With Your Barista (Or Any Other Stranger You Meet Today)

Thought Catalog

It will hit you before you realize what is happening, but it will happen.

Because he is tall or because she has kind eyes or something somewhere in between, because they have a nice voice and make you laugh, because they’ll take your weak joke about taking your coffee “black, like my soul” in stride, because they will be friendly and in a cold city, we often mistake friendliness for warmth, so starved are we for that rare magic that only occurs in strangers who treat us as if they’ve known us forever.

Because you happened to go to their coffee shop today instead of the one you usually go to a few blocks down, and they just happened to be working that shift, and, being a closeted hopeless romantic, you call mere coincidence “fate.” You’ll fall in love with them because an instantaneous crush will buzz in your head…

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