Try To Read What These 11 People Did Without Believing In Humanity Again

Thought Catalog

This man has single handedly saved 2.4 million babies lives.

When James Harrison was 13, he needed a major surgery that required 13 litres of blood. Upon discovering this fact, he pledged to donate blood as soon as he was of legal age. When he did this, he discovered he had a rare blood anomaly that helped prevent Rhesus disease.He has now given over 1,000 blood donations over the course of his live saving 2.4 million lives, including that of his daughter, Tracey.

A little boy with a hearing aid said, “Superheroes don’t have hearing aids.” So, Marvel Comics created one.

Every little boy who reads and watches superhero stuff wants to be just like them. But Anthony Smith thought he couldn’t be, because he wore a hearing aid. His mom sent a letter to Marvel’s fan mail address, asking them to create a Superhero with a hearing aid, where…

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