7 Times I Have Wanted A Boyfriend (And How I Managed To Survive Without One)

Thought Catalog

I am not necessarily a card-carrying feminist who yells “I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN!!!!” when a man tries to open a door for me, but I am also not majoring in an M-R-S degree, nor is it my life’s goal to get married and have babies. I am one of those ladies (I use the term “lady” loosely) who is simply happy not being in a serious relationship with a man. You can call it Daddy Issues, you can call it Man Hating, you can call it whatever you want — but the truth is, I am pretty happy with my life sans-man, and I have yet to meet a guy I’m actually interested in hanging out with for longer than a span of two weeks. However, there have been a handful of times where I wished I did have a serious boyfriend — and here’s why.


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