10 Animal Mating Rituals Human Dating Should Have

Thought Catalog

1. Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins basically have a gigantic significant other finding fiesta every March/April. The mature (old enough to party) penguins walk several miles to meet in nesting areas, where they will find their new boo. Imagine the Annual Human Boyfriend & Girlfriend Finding Convention – taking a nice road trip to a place where several others will be meeting you to hookup/find love. On paper that probably sounds a lot like Coachella minus the music and plus some snow, but surely the emperor penguin version is more romantic.

Also worth noting, they’re serially monogamous, having only that one mate for the year and typically staying faithful to ‘em.

2. Red-capped Manakin

THEY DO THE MOONWALK. THE GOSH DAMN MOONWALK. That’s how they court a mate, by setting up a staging area and dancing like the club can’t even handle them right now. How cool is that? Red-capped manakins are…

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