This Is What You Need To Understand About Sadness

Thought Catalog

No one ever tells you what sadness feels like, and if they try, you won’t quite understand. It’s something you have to figure out for yourself. Something you have to discover alone. When you’re a young child, you see the world through a beautifully unmarred veneer of happiness (for the most part). If you notice a crack, you don’t push or probe it. You don’t poke around or widen it. You just let it be. You forget about it. You pretend it’s not there.

Then, suddenly, it creeps up on you. Maybe you’re 10, 11, 12, maybe it’s earlier. But that sadness — that ache — it gets you eventually. Maybe it only stays for a day, two days, a week. Maybe it stems from heartache, loss, disappointment. I was twelve the first time I remember being truly, devastatingly sad. It is the first memory of pain and loss and melancholy that…

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