The Plight Of The Chronically Nice Person

Thought Catalog

Why won’t you reciprocate? Sometimes I get just a little bit tired of being nice to everyone all the time. Of being all smiles and laughter and obnoxious sunshine. Some days, I’m just too nice I feel like a freaking unicorn.

I tire of my incessant optimism. I grow weary of always being the one who tries to hold things together and fix you, fix everyone who crosses my path.

My deep empathy cripples me. Because I can feel your pain, your joys and sorrow. And no matter how hard I try to shun this involuntary connection, I can’t ever resist offering to help.

If I were a cartoon character, my catch-phrase would undoubtedly be, “Are you okay?”

I don’t mean to sound like a creep when I say that all I inherently want to do is to help, to hold, to love, to heal you and everyone around me…

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