Women Are At Their Best While Drunk

Thought Catalog

I know what you’re thinking: “Lol, no we are not.” And, yeah, that’s valid. We definitely, like anyone who is intoxicated, can have moments of deep inelegance. We can pick fights, or wobble into a table, or cry on the toilet while a girlfriend looks on empathetically, blocking the stall door. But I believe that there is a certain switched that gets flipped in drunk girls which, despite all of the silly things it makes us do, brings out a truly wonderful part of us. Allow me to explain.

One of the most significant things about navigating the world as a woman is having to un-learn all the stuff that you were taught to believe growing up. The critical eye which with we regard ourselves and other women — something we often spare men from entirely — is so hard to let go of. We have been taught to be…

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