This Is What You Realize In Your First Year Of College

Thought Catalog

Teenagers walk on a fine line of no longer being children and not yet being adults, and being an early college student simultaneously shields and exemplifies this awkward transition. While you’re living this double life, this fantasy, everything seems so tangible. You can live in this secret world where no one knows you’re not yet old enough to drink, but you’re advanced enough to take junior level classes. No one has to know you wake up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons or that you have some menial assignment due for one of your high school classes the following day. You can be as elusive and inconspicuous as you wish to be as you try to fit in this seemingly unnatural setting, but eventually you’ll be found out.

You balance being a high schooler and college student with much stress. Scholarships, exams, projects, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. The sweat forms on…

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