Living With Your Best Friend: The Complete Schedule

Thought Catalog

9:30am: Wake up. Decide you will let your roommate shower first and hit snooze. You will wake up at 9:45 for sure.

10am: Best friend knocks on door, because you both have class at 11 and she has yet to hear you make any sounds of life. She wakes you up and threatens to throw away your beloved coffee pot if you don’t get up soon. Not because she’s upset she had to wake you up, but because she cares and knows if you miss class one more time this semester you will never stop hating yourself. It’s only an 11 am class after all!

10:35am: You miss the bus because you had to stop to ask her 20 times if your outfit was okay; she needed to raid your accessories. You now have to power walk 25 minutes to class. It’s decided you can’t bear to walk into a…

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