When In Doubt, Be Impulsive

Thought Catalog

As an impulsive person myself, I know that we often get a bad rap. Any psychology textbook or any person you talk to will usually associate being impulsive with negative things. However, I don’t think there is enough light shed on the benefits of being impulsive. So if you are one of the impulsive soles out there, keep doing as you do because these most likely apply to you:

1. Impulsive people follow their hearts

You won’t find an impulsive person in a relationship with someone they don’t like. Impulsive people date based on a feeling of connection not based on logical things like money, power, security and status.

2. Impulsive people are the most fun

An impulsive person will always be down to go on a fun adventure with you. While they still do well at work and school, they don’t let these things get in the way of…

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