It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Thought Catalog

You’ve always had the infallible ability to happily run through the motions of life as though you had not a single care in the world—even if on the inside, you were a mess.

Maybe it was financial troubles that robbed you of every last penny, or a family problem that demolished your already shattered home, or maybe a break up that took your heart and plucked it right out of your chest and left you completely empty. No matter what the situation, you boldly exclaim, “I’m okay.”

Those two words have become an extension of you; they’re as instinctive as the urge to breathe.

To say anything else, to act in any other way, is to disrupt the balance of the world. It feels easier to you to just avoid all inquisitive questions. Everyone expects you to smile and keep on living. So you do just that.

The days are…

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