This Is How You Kiss Her Now

Thought Catalog

She rambles.

You have learned that she does this when she is nervous.

And you know she is nervous.

Her face has brightened — suddenly a lively shade of vermillion, as vivid as the feelings she has never been able to hide, at least to you. Usually (and unusually) articulate, she has lost the ability to string together full sentences. She can’t make eye contact with you, and she gestures wildly with her hands — as if to illustrate the meaning that she can’t manage to articulate with her disjoint words and phrases.

More times than you can count, you have watched her interact with people so smoothly that they don’t notice the nuances in her smile, the subtle eyebrow raises, or the deadpan humor that betrays what she really believes.

This night, you have managed to unravel the layers that she carefully swathes around herself. She is flustered. She…

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