Breasts Are Awesome! 26 Alphabetical Facts, Mysteries And Superpowers Of Boobs

Thought Catalog

We all agree breasts are awesome, right? And I don’t mean, like in some creepy ‘I’m staring at your tits’ kinda way. I mean they’re tits – they’re supercool. Whether we’re talking about breasts sexually, scientifically, physiologically, allegorically, artistically, or metaphorically; they’re just undeniably rad. Boobs are badass.

How much do you know about Nature’s round mounds of wonder?

Here’s an alphabetical appreciation of the brilliance of Nature we call breasts.

1. Annette Funicellos

According to Research … Nipples Are Like a Clitoris on Each Breast

You know it and I know it, scientists love sex. Recent studies discovered nipple stimulation activates the same sensory cortex areas of the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Apparently, nipples are wired to the same part of the brain as the genitals. Which means they exist for pleasure as much as for parenting.

This helps explain why, for a majority of women…

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