15 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When Life Gets Crazy

Thought Catalog

Taking good care of yourself is challenging enough when you have adequate time, resources, and energy, but the thought of staying on top of things during stressful times like the Thanksgiving-New Year stretch can seem laughable. It’s easy to resort to a block of cheddar over a bowl of kale when you feel like you are at your wits’ end, but you know it’ll only send you deeper into the black hole of regret, indigestion, and shame (I am not saying eating cheese=shame. I am saying there is a time for cheese eating and there is a time to put it back in its proper drawer.)

Though I like to approach self-care as a holistic practice, it can really help to break things down into more manageable chunks. Many of these suggestions are obviously beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s break it…

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