10 Game of Thrones Guys And Whether Or Not You Should Marry Them

Thought Catalog

While we’re all waiting for our beloved Thrones to come back to the small screen, we should take this time to investigate one of the more pressing matters we’ve been presented with: How do the mantreats of GoT stack up as Husband Material? Let’s take a look at some of our beloved boys here:

1. Theon Greyjoy

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Theon is a man who has something to prove. Everyone from his father to the hooker he secretly pretends is his girlfriend is someone he wants to put on a good show for. He wants to demonstrate that he is the best, the fastest, the smartest, the most worthy. And let’s not pretend like someone who is constantly trying to one-up everyone else doesn’t have his upsides (notably in the bedroom). Sure, he’s a traitor. But he’s a sexy traitor, and he’s doing it for the kind-of right reasons…

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