Money Is The Root Of All Happiness

Thought Catalog

Lately, I found myself caught in between the social ethics of whether money is the root of all evil.

Or is it the root of all happiness?

I look around me, and wonder “how on earth does anyone be remotely happy without money?”

I’m guessing that the first thought that pops into our heads is monks.

Monks, whom we all believe to isolate themselves from the world and all material possessions in seek of innate peace and solitude and doing good.

Now unless you’re telling me that the land, the temple, the furniture and the statues are handmade, are you sure they are all not bought?

Most of us, I mean the 20 somethings who are struggling with financial burdens, be it the lack of allowance, or the consistent running out of money, we find ourselves cooping up at home in the hopes that the bank balance would remain…

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