8 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Taking Up Archery

Thought Catalog

Not too long ago, I’ve occupied myself by taking up a new hobby. Because life is only once and we should always explore new things, right? (Fellow Buddhists who believe in reincarnation, ignore the former part)

Thus, from a beginner’s perspective, I present to you the life lessons I’ve acquired from archery.

1. Never wear nice shoes to the field. Or any places involving grass patches and soil.

Always consider the potential conflicts or repercussions that you will encounter before you embark on a ‘journey’, whether it’s a spontaneous trip to India or skipping work just to get the 8 hours of sleep you’ve been dying to get.

2. Don’t wear your nice pants either, unless you prefer them looking soiled and dusty.

Always be prepared for a Plan B, that way you will never be disappointed when things don’t work out in your pursuits.

3. Don’t try to overachieve…

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