The 8 Best Underrated Feelings In Everyday Life

Thought Catalog

1. The gratifying sense of relief that washes over you after you finally find an important belonging you thought you’d misplaced — such as your keys, wallet, cell phone, or Epi-pen. This feeling intensifies exponentially with each additional hour you spend searching for the lost item.

2. The realization that you get to relax after a long day of work, several cups of coffee (most of which ended up on the front of your blazer rather than in your mouth), and a frustrating commute home via a Subway train that arrived more than forty minutes later than you thought it would. There is nothing more gratifying than kicking off your shoes, slipping off your business casual for a ratty pair of sweats and a Slanket,  and crawling into bed with Seinfeld and a carton of Chinese food after a dreary day.

3. That sudden, soothing release of tension from the lower…

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