19 Truths About Girlfriends

Thought Catalog

1. Allow a 10-20 minute buffer time after they say that they’re ready to go for them to actually be ready to go.

2. Do not question the inherently mysterious logic of brunching with “friends they haven’t seen for like 5 years” with whom they went to college, on a weekly basis. Allow for 1-5 days of girlfriends signaling dread about the brunch as the brunch approaches. Girlfriends keep in touch with people they never want to see again.

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3. Somehow someone with whom they went to college that they must see, but dread seeing, is always in town.

4. Once immediately out the door, after the 10-20 minute buffer time, allow 5 more minutes to be spent watching them search through their bags making sure they remembered their keys.

5. Also, once immediately out the door, allow for the ~50% probability that they will need to…

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