How It Feels To Know You’ll Never Have A Child

Thought Catalog

Today is different. In the eyes of a writer, every day is different; every day has its own story, but really, today is different. I am not hurt or angry; today I am grieving. I am grieving the life of the child I will never give birth to. I am grieving the loss of the hope of ever being a biological mother. I am still going through the coping phase I guess, trying to understand the fact that nature messed me up. That apparently I am not allowed to do what women are supposed to do: carry a child, eat ice-cream and pickles at the same time and cry when they can’t see their feet past their whale-like belly.

My mother’s disappointment was maybe the hardest part. I also found out that I inherited my selfishness from her. Before feeling sad for me, she felt sorry for herself, for the…

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