Read This Before You Make A Rape Joke

Thought Catalog

I fancy myself a comedian (mostly on Twitter, sometimes in real life, other times writing on other internet websites) and rape jokes are always a hot topic.
Before I get into why you shouldn’t make jokes about rape, a summary: don’t. Don’t do that.

Some background. Not long back, when I had no money and less ambition, I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant. I was broke to the point where I had to ride a bike about a half hour to and from work every shift. This was good for my heart, bad for my inherent laziness.

Since restaurant works starts in the afternoon and ends in the late evening, this meant riding the crappy $80 orange bike I got off Craigslist during late hours. Now, for me, this was not a big deal. Some nights, it was very cool, what with the moon and such.

But the…

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