51 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life

Thought Catalog

And let me know when you master all of these, because I’m still struggling with many of them myself — but I’m trying.

1. Listening to your voicemails right when you see the notification, because it might be important.

2. Responding to said voicemails when they are important, just like you would want someone to do with you.

3. Making your bed first thing in the morning.

4. Always keeping a small vase of fresh-cut flowers somewhere in your house, even if they’re little cheapies you got from the corner store. (This especially applies when it’s rainy and gross outside, because flowers are basically sunlight you can purchase.)

5. Saying “please” and “thank you,” with a smile, so as not to look sarcastic or insincere (because you shouldn’t be).

6. Eating breakfast.

7. Replying to emails when you get them, even if they don’t merit a really long response.


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