36 Paramedics, EMTs, And Police Share Their Weirdest And Most WTF Moments On The Job

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Found on AskReddit.

1. thelovepirate

My best friend’s dad was one of the police officers that arrested Texas rapper Big Lurch, who was arrested for eating his roommate while high on PCP.

2. penguinz0

My friend’s dad had to push some old ladies prolapsed anus in. Fucked up shit.

3. Punch_Drunk_AA

When I was an EMT I responded to call where a hobo was hit by a train. He was scattered over the course of about two miles. I came across a shirt filled full of “remains” when I asked for a hand, the evil bastards I worked with gave me the Guy’s arm from the elbow down.

4. [deleted]

My uncle was an EMT in a small redneck southern town. My favorite story is a man who got drunk and fell down the stairs of a bar, breaking his legs in the process. They had to cut…

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