I’m Afraid To Fall In Love

Thought Catalog

What’s your biggest fear? Radioactive spiders? Small spaces? Heights? Rats? Well, if it’s any of those don’t move to New York. But I can’t hate. All the aforementioned fears are legit. You are concerned about your own safety. Me? I fear falling in love for the same reason.

How ironic that I trust my life to a roller coaster operator, a tight rope that has me dangling hundreds of feet in the air or a harness that leaves me hanging over the side of a mountain, yet I fear giving my heart to the man who claims he loves me. Is that backwards? Though both situations suck, critics agree that heartbreak is far more preferable than falling to your death.

There we are, having a romantic night, just lying around and, out of nowhere, he busts out the L word. Everything changes. It’s like he dropped an atomic bomb on our…

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