6 Reasons To Date A Hopeless Romantic

Thought Catalog

1. They will always make you feel loved.

Hopeless romantics will do anything to make you feel like your love story is just like the movies or a Taylor Swift fantasy. Chocolates and candlelit dinners, galore!

2. They won’t expect anything in return for their romantic deeds (except for maybe your love obvi).

They’re pretty selfless people who get off on making you happy and feel like royalty. Though they’re not oblivious. If you go through a long period of time without acknowledging gratitude or returning the love, they will move on. Don’t take their attempts at being romantic for granted!

3. They are confident.

Contrary to popular belief, hopeless romantics and desperate lovers aren’t necessarily synonymous. Hopeless romantics are confident and know what they want. Desperate lovers just want attention from anyone. Once hopeless romantics see someone worth it, they will go over leaps and bounds to demonstrate how…

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